We believe there is never too much colour, laughter and funny dance in this world!

Nampa Design’s first app Nampa Forest
is available now!

Nampa Forest

Enter the world of fun!

Nampa Forest -app includes five mini-games with rewards that make you want to dance!

The app will take the kids into a colourful world where they can play with Nampa characters in a field of daisies, blow up balloons with help of bees, do wild jumps into water, catch some funny-looking fish and create crazy outfits for the final party! And of course there are lots of surprises in between…

What we are about

  • Funny apps for kids under 5 yrs old
  • Getting grown-ups to laugh along
  • Lovable Nampa characters
  • Unisex design
  • Lots of colour
  • Disco dance!
  • No in-app purchases
  • No 3rd party advertising
  • No text or talk in games
  • No gathering of personal data
  • No counting scores
  • No failing, only rewards!