Nampa Party

Creative play for kids!

Welcome to the party of the year! Nampa Party is all about creativity, from composing your own music to creating the food and funny outfits for the party. Like always with Nampa, everything is done with plenty of humor – and with zero ads and in-app purchases.

Nampa Party is the fourth addition to the award-winning Nampa app family. Nampa apps get their inspiration from the colorful and humorous world of cartoons, however instead of just watching film clips, the child will be able to actively participate!

The app includes eight interactive mini-games. The child gets to build giant hamburgers, compose party tunes, bake and decorate cupcakes, mix some smoothies, color party photos, set the party table, use presents as building blocks and dress up for a crazy photo shoot. And of course there is lots of disco dancing!

Nampa Holiday

Have fun in the sun!

Here it is, the app that makes the travel distances feel shorter, rainy days sunnier and applying sun lotion one of the best parts of the vacation!

The app includes eight interactive mini-games. At first, the child gets to choose how to travel, by bus, airplane or train. An eventful journey with the chosen mode of transport will end in the sunny holiday destination filled with kids’ favourite activities: water slides, banana boats, swimming, building sand castles and choosing groovy outfits for the beach – without ever forgetting the sun lotion!

Nampa Tivoli

Join the ride!

Welcome to Nampa Tivoli amusement park, a place full of fun activities, surprises and of course, disco dancing!

Nampa Tivoli, like our first app Nampa Forest, is all about fun play with no chance of failing. There is no score counting and every session, however played, ends with disco dancing!

The app includes six mini-games. The kids can decorate their own roller coaster carts, run an ice cream stand, giggle in front of the funny mirrors, ride the magical disco wheel and lots more!

Nampa Forest

Enter the world of fun!

Nampa Forest -app includes five mini-games with rewards that make you want to dance!

Our first app, the award-winning Nampa Forest, takes the kids into a colourful world where they can play with Nampa characters in a field of daisies, blow up balloons with help of bees, do wild jumps into water, catch some funny-looking fish and create crazy outfits for the final party! And of course there are lots of surprises in between…

What we are about

  • Funny apps for kids under 5 yrs old
  • Getting grown-ups to laugh along
  • Lovable Nampa characters
  • Unisex design
  • Lots of colour
  • Disco dance!
  • No in-app purchases
  • No 3rd party advertising
  • No text or talk in games
  • No gathering of personal data
  • No counting scores
  • No failing, only rewards!