Our story

By Sara Vilkko, founder Nampa Design

I have always been drawing. Sometimes more than other times but drawing has always been there, as part of me. When I was 5 years old I managed to get an electric shock when playing with my best friend (it’s a long story) but even with a big fat bandage in my hand, I kept drawing.

The place I drew the most in was our summer house in Nampa, Finland. Hence the name for the company, Nampa Design, when I first started designing greeting cards during my free time in 2006.

I have always wanted to see my Nampa-characters come to life. After all I got to know their personalities when I was designing the cards, the dumpy pig and the friendly wolf, and the birds that are always up to something that they probably shouldn’t.

Then one day it was the right time to do just that. Thankful for everything that I had learned I decided to leave my corporate career behind and start creating Nampa-apps that will bring more colour, laughter and funny dance into this world.

I may say these apps are for kids, officially, but I hope you too find the Nampa characters’ shenanigans amusing.

Welcome to the world of Nampa!

Photo: Martina Klimesova